An Italian Experience
is coming to YOU!

Image yourself being transported across the ocean to the land where La Dolce Vita means enjoying everything life has to offer. Italians know how to enjoy and celebrate the finest things in life. But if you can't go to Italy this fall go to Laguna Niguel and share in the joy and excitement of living La Dolce Vita on October 5th and 6th

Delight in the amazingly delicious food like pasta, pizza, and gelato. Have a "Lucy" moment in the grape stomp. Feel like "Lady and the Tramp" in our Spaghetti eating contest, or just stroll through the festival enjoying the breath taking art work of very talented Chalk Artists!

Bring your kids to play soccer and bocce ball in the kids garden area while you sip on Italian wine and beer while listening to great Italian performers!

Plus, don't forget to shop and take advantage of the special offers and pricing at the festival in our showcase of the finest Italian vendors in our Italian Marketplace. Enjoy the all day and night entertainment and keep your eye out for the Italian celebrities.